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At our Annual Church Conference, Our District Superintendent The Rev. N. Susan Brims, challenged us to a year long quest to cultivate an honest, intelligent understanding of the Bible and of Christian faith in 21st century

From critically acclaimed author Brian McLaren comes a brilliant retelling of the biblical story and a thrilling reintroduction to Christian faith. This book offers everything you need to explore what a difference an honest, living, growing faith can make in our world today. It also puts tools in your hands to create a life-changing learning community in any home, restaurant, or other welcoming space. 

The fifty-two (plus a few) weekly readings offer a simple curriculum of insightful reflections and transformative practices. Organized around the traditional church year, these readings give an overview of the whole Bible and guide an individual or a group of friends through a year of rich study, interactive learning, and personal growth. 

Reimagine what it means to live joyfully and responsibly in today's world as agents of God's justice, creativity, and peace you're seeking a fresh way to experience and practice your faith, if you're a long-term Christian seeking new vitality, or if you feel out of place in traditional church circles, this book will inspire and activate you in your spiritual journey.

If you start now in the Season of Advent, start with Chapter 14 and proceed to the end, then come back to Chapter 1.

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Do you like to read books? Better yet - do you like to read to children? I am looking for people who would like to start a Reading program with Inspiring Hearts Academy, the school who meets on our campus two Friday mornings a month. Starting in January, 2019, Inspiring Hearts would deeply appreciate having some of our members come and read to their children. You would only be reading for about half an hour and  would be with another person - each one would read a book to a designated class. If this is something you would like to do, kindly contact me and we can set you up with the age group you would feel most comfortable reading to. This is a wonderful opportunity to get involved with this outstanding group of home-schooled children. They are eager to be read to and I really hope we can create this type of relationship with them.

Barbara Emri

Family Ministries Coordinator

Led by Deirdre Poyer, " Deep Blue: Learn and Serve!" teaches children about God and what is means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. This year the children are exploring Guatemala, Kenya, Alaska, and Armenia with their regular Deep Blue "guides" - Asia, Edgar, Kat, and Caleb - to see how they can work together for the benefit of God's kingdom here on Earth. Deep Blue meets on Sunday mornings in Room D of the Education Building at 9:30.