Why give?


Giving is an essential part of who we are as Christians.


We believe that all we have comes from God - that we are managers of God's money as opposed to owners of our money. Jesus talked about money more than anything else because it is the #1 roadblock regarding intimacy with God. We will walk in freedom when we give generously and with grateful hearts.

It fuels life-change. It is only through the financial generosity of everyday people in our community that Velda Rose is able to lead the community to loving God & loving others.

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When you shop on Amazon, Velda Rose will receive a donation of 1/2% of your eligible purchase totals! Click the link and connect your Amazon account to the Amazon Smile feature to make this happen. In addition, you can support our Food Pantry and Samaritan Fund efforts when you purchase products on Amazon and ship them to the church. For example, if you purchase a case of tuna fish or diapers and subscribe monthly, Amazon picks up the shipping, without meeting the per order minimum. 

Click the button to the right to view items that can support our Food Pantry and Samaritan Fund Ministries

Do you have a person you want to honor with a gift?


Many of us have people in our lives who have made a major impact in their lives. Our brochure on Tribute and Memorial Giving will show ways to honor these special people.