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In the CHURCH...

Get in the game and give the gift of yourself by serving at Velda Rose.  We have many opportunities for service to best use your gifts, skills and availability.  Check out all the opportunities and say, "Here I am, God!  Use me!"  


Compassionate Threads

Compassionate Threads began meeting in January of 2013.

The purpose of the group, in the beginning, was to start a prayer

shawl ministry. The shawls were given to those with joys and

concerns. The talents of the group members were extended to

teach kitting and crochet to those who would like to learn.

Soon the needs for other projects became know to the group.

We made baby caps for newborns, caps and scarves for the

homeless, as well as, feminine hygiene kits for Days for Girls,

Donations of yarn and fabrics began to flow in , making it possible for us to expand some more. The Warm America project came to our attention. 7 X 9” blocks were knit and crocheted by the group, and sewn together to make afghans for the homeless. A partnership was formed with the Cholla Quilt Guild. Through this partnership we have been able to make quilts and pillow case bags for Helen’s Hope Chest, supporting foster children. a partnership with Velda Rose Mission Committee produced layette kits for UMCOR and quilts for Save the Family. Most recently our support has turned towards sleeping mats for the homeless which are made from plastic grocery bags. (It takes 500 bags to crochet a mat)>

We invite anyone from the community to join us in participating in this Velda Rose Mission project. Work meetings are from 10:00 a.m. to Noon in room 609.

Music Ministry

                               Whether you are singing in worship, community, or prayer, music enriches our lives with its                                   art. "When you sing, you pray twice." - commonly attributed to St. Augustine.

                               The Chancel Choir is the main adult choir of Velda Rose United Methodist Church, singing                                   on Sundays during the 9:30 am service for worship and at festival services. The Choir practices                6:00 pm Wednesdays September thru May. 

The Canterbury Handbell Choir is a regular feature of the Sunday Traditional worship service. They too, practice Wednesdays at 6:00 pm.

The casual Holy Grounds service at 8:00 pm features contemporary music of praise. 
Do you play an instrument? Throughout the year soloists, small ensembles, even a full orchestra at the annual Christmas Cantata perform. 

If you want to share your talent and add to the deep tradition of music in the United Methodist Church, contact our Director of Music, Dr. Jim Yancy. 

Worship Committee

If you enjoy playing a role "behind the scenes" join our Worship Committee

team.  Members of this team have the joy of preparing the Worship spaces

for each Sunday.  There is great joy in knowing your service helps create

an environment for others to connect with God.

Team members can serve every week, once a month or can set up a regular

schedule for their convenience.  Tasks include refilling information areas,

pencil sharpening, as well as helping for special Sundays.  These tasks can

be done during the week and take one to two hours.

If you're interested in joining this team or getting more information, please contact us at the church office.

Coffee Host

                                                           Consider this an invitation to provide hospitality and a wake-up of coffee                                                                 and cookies to those in worship on Sunday mornings.  Our coffee host                                                                   team does the set-up and clean-up of our coffee stations in the Library.  No                                                      brewing experience is necessary!

                                                           It's a great opportunity to share fellowship with others.

                                                           If you're interested in joining this team or getting more information, please                                                             contact us at the church office.