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Sermon Titles, Summaries, & Scriptures for the coming weeks

Unless otherwise noted, The Rev. Dr. Larry Norris Preaching

                                                      Sermon Titles and Scriptures for January, 2019

                                                 Stewardship Theme: “Make It Simple”

Sunday, January 13, 2019                          Baptism of Our Lord

“Following Jesus”

Scripture:  Matthew 6:25-33       

Sermon Title:  “Can We Discover Life in the Higher Key?”

Sometimes we need to take a look at stewardship with fresh eyes. On Sunday morning, May 28, 1944, C.S. Lewis, the great intellect and theologian, preached a sermon at Mansfield College Chapel in Oxford, England that had the odd title, “Transposition.” What you need to know is what C.S. Lewis said in his sermon, “Transposition.” Lewis said two things in particular: first, that there is holiness in the ordinary things of life; and second, that we can “hear God in a higher key” if we understand how he works in our lives and in the world. More simply, Lewis was saying that God uses the “ordinary” and seemingly unimportant things of life and turns them into “extraordinary” and very important things in life. That idea is at the heart of stewardship. God takes all of life and with his blessing the mundane things of life become sacred and are used to build God’s Kingdom!

Sunday, January 20, 2019       

“Acting Together”

Scripture Lesson: John 13:34-35       

Sermon Title:  “Can We Follow the Eighty Percent Rule?”

Why don’t we get along better with one another? The truth is that Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox churches agree on the vast majority of the essential teachings of the Bible. Where we tend to haggle is over issues of doctrine, polity, and worship, all nonessentials for salvation. John’s Gospel teaches us that we live in a communion of mutual love, much like the relationship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus did not let himself get sidetracked by insignificant issues. He stayed on target! His focus was to bring people to a deeper relationship with God and one another. In the midst of that ideal, we recognize that we do not always agree. But we can do better than “the eighty-percent rule!” We must remember that we exist in a community of love, and stewardship is more a matter of spirit and good will rather than duty and theology.

Sunday, January 27, 2019      

Scripture Lesson:  Luke 12:13-31; Philippians 4:11-13

“Sharing Enough”

Sermon Title:  “Are You Prepared?”

Christian stewardship often gets stuck on the issue of material possessions. It is a sensitive area that many people often don’t want to talk about! Yet, it is interesting how often Jesus dealt with the issue of wealth. In the lesson for today, Jesus is asked to arbitrate a legal matter that involves an inheritance. He refuses to make a judgment about which person’s greed is right! Instead, Jesus states a proverbial truth and then tells a story about a man who has accumulated great wealth. The man has done nothing wrong, but his problem is that his faith has been misplaced. The power of this story for us is in the question, “Where is my faith?” More precisely, “Am I prepared to face my future?” Our problem is not scarcity, but where we place our faith! On this stewardship Sunday, we look at the relationship between the Creator and the creature!